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Why us?

Why us?We are a company with traditions...

Volpex has over ten years of experience serving customers throughout Southern Poland. We are decided to customer satisfaction. Volpex will do all it can to meet your technical needs. We are still broadening the range of the products we are offering...

We are developing for you

We are developing for youVisit our departments...

All the time we are getting bigger and having more and more departments of the firm. At the moment we have five wholesales in Poland. We have really well qualified staff which is ready to help you and serve with their experience...

Our on-line store

Our on-line storeVisit our brand new on-line store...

Visit our on-line store at and start comfortable shopping - 24/7...

We operate throughout of Poland

Our offer

In our offer you can find:
  • rolling bearings
  • v-belts
  • cuneate belts
  • combine belts
  • transporter belts
  • packing units (oring, simmering)
  • electric engines
  • electrodes
  • welding wire
  • glue - Loctite
  • screws
  • Gambit plate
  • Polonit plate
  • ropes and packing
  • hydraulic and thrust hoses
  • production of hydraulic hoses
  • professional tools
  • turning blades
  • threading tools and threading die
  • milling-cutters
  • borers
  • tightening bands
  • workers uniforms
  • cleaning materials
  • abrasive wheels
  • pneumatics
  • Gall's chains
  • steel ropes
  • oil, lubricant
  • safes, strong-boxes
  • stainless steel
  • technical articles

We offer products of well known brands:

We especially recommend:

Hydraulic hoses

We offer you the best quality hydraulic hoses which are produced on our firm of 6 to 40 mm in diameter, and thrust of 10 to 60 MPa.

We offer different types of hydraulic hoses end-pieces:

  • metric - inner and outer
  • inch-thick - inner and outer
  • BSP thread - male and female thread
  • JIC thread  - male and female thread
  • flanging links

Rolling bearings

Since many years we have specialized in selling any kind of bearings. Our specialist will help you in any matters connecting with bearings. Because of our experiance we know almost everything about the subject.

We guarantee the lowest prices of our bearings. We are also an importer of bearings from many different firms.

Come nad visit our departments!

Handmade vehicle, made of the best quality materials


Handmade vehicle, made of the best quality materials...



Volpex company, which sells electric tools, electric motors and other household necessities, introduces a new unique product to the market in Nowy Sacz – the electric vehicle Elektrynka Volpex, in a double version, without a roof. The car was created in cooperation with Marek Janczak, the mayor of Labowa and his son Marcin. The vehicle was made by hand of the highest quality materials. The whole body is made of wood that is why the vehicle will never rust.

- An additional advantage of our vehicle is that under the bonnet there are two electric engines. Thanks to that the vihecle is completely ecological – says Volpex company owner Piotr Wolak.

- Future owners of vehicles will not have to spend money on replacing the oil and filters that are necessary  in combustion engines. The service and repair of our car is very simple. What is more its maximum speed is 25 km/h and it  gives extra road safety. The vehicle is intended for automotive connoisseurs, but simple handling makes the vehicle easy to use for elderly people as well.

The vehicle is ideal  for resorts and golf courses. Apart from it, it may be very helpful in auto mechanic schools where future mechanics will be able to learn in practice the new technology of electric vehicles.

Elektrynka Volpex is also great for companies that present their products on the trade fairs. The car catches everyone’s attention and it is impossbile to pass next to it indifferently. It is a good solution for entrepreneurs to advertise their assortment in this way.

It is also possible to order a photovoltaic roof to Elektrynka. This option is available only on customer’s request. Solar panels on the roof charge the batteries, so you can enjoy longer trips. 



In many countries the traffic organisation is very hard, that is why some places can only be accessed by electric vehicle, therefore entrepreneurs from all over the world are interested in cooperation with Volpex company and purchasing the electric vehicles. Increasingly, parkings for electric vehicles are free. Perhaps VAT will be abolished for this kind of vehicles in the future.

In large cities such as Cracow, Nowy Sacz, Warsaw air pollution is very high, and the electric vehicle would be a great solution to improve the urban air quality.  

- We are now working on the design of another vehicle, this time for four people. This year we plan to perform a few more. We are confident that we will find buyers quickly.

- More and more often, the newlyweds want to go to the wedding by an old car, so in the future we want to produce cars specially adapted for this occasion – adds Piotr Wolak.

The vehicle can be seen at Volpex’s headquarter at 131 Lwowska Street in Nowy Sacz. The price is only 69 000 PLN (around 16 360 EUR).


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On the Polish market since 1994

Our branches

We operate throughout of Poland...
Our Headquarter

Our Headquarter

ul.Lwowska 131, 33-300 Nowy Sącz

phone/fax: 18 441 53 48 
phone: 18 44 43 777 

Nowy Sącz department

Nowy Sącz department

ul. Węgierska 179, 33-300 Nowy Sącz

phone/fax: 18 443 86 08
phone: 18 44 00 622

Tarnów department

Tarnów department

ul. Przemysłowa 27, 33-100 Tarnów

phone/fax: 14 629 81 81
phone: 14 627 29 56

Gorlice department

Gorlice department

ul. Biecka 39, 38-300 Gorlice

phone/fax: 18 534 61 62
phone: 18 534 61 60

Nowy Targ department

Nowy Targ department

ul. Kolejowa 151, 34-400 Nowy Targ

phone/fax: 18 264 08 27
phone: 18 264 08 29


We present our brands distributors:


We present our company, branches and crew:

Contact with us

You have questions? Contact with us:

P.H. VOLPEX Piotr Wolak

Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe VOLPEX Piotr Wolak
ul. Lwowska 131
33-300 Nowy Sącz

telefon/fax: +48 18 441 53 48
telefon: +48 18 44 43 777


NIP: 734-003-85-31
Regon: 490454550

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